Healthier food paves way to a healthier life. Fried foods and (refined) sugar may be enticing to our taste buds, but the ones available in the market are adulterated and unhealthy, leading to deterioration of our body.

​ Consuming genuine food is good for our health, but are we getting the right genuine products?

FIT ND FAB comes with its genuinely tested and sourced products with our own brand "SVASTH" of Organic Food Store. Browse our inventory and find just what you’re looking for.

About Us

FIT ND FAB comprises of SVASTH(Organic Food Products), offering premium quality products using traditional method of cold pressed chekku gingelly oil ( crushed only with palmyra jaggery also known as karupatti), groundnut oil, coconut oil completely done with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Also we deal with raw cane sugar (Nattusarkarai) , palmyra jaggery(Karupatti), palmyra candy(Panagkarkandu).

WARNING about consumption of WHITE SUGAR and REFINED OIL

You definitely won’t want to miss out about the health hazards of using white sugar and refined oil to keep disease at bay
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Here you'll find out about everything we've got going on at the Organic Store , as well as the next great products we're bringing in.

Svasth Products

Buying Our Goods

  • Current Price @

  • Cold Pressed Chekku Gingelly Oil (500 ml) ₹ 210/-
  • Cold Pressed Chekku Gingelly Oil ( 1 Litre) ₹ 420/-
  • Cold Pressed Chekku Groundnut Oil (500 ml) ₹ 145/-
  • Cold Pressed Chekku Groundnut Oil ( 1 Litre) ₹ 290/-
  • Cold Pressed Chekku Coconut Oil (500 ml) ₹ 165/-
  • Cold Pressed Chekku Coconut Oil ( 1 Litre) ₹ 330/-
  • Palm Candy (200 gms) ₹ 150/-
  • Palm Jaggery (250 gms) ₹ 105/-
  • Raw Cane Sugar ( 1 kg) ₹ 110/-

** Prices are subject to change.

Common Queries

List of Centres or Dealers where you can buy SVASTH products

Chennai Centres :

1. Doctors Pharmacy,
Ph : 9789828971
Coimbatore Dealer

K.S. Muthukumar
Ph: 9444904912

How to Order?

  • Select the products which you wish to order and WhatsApp/email us your order list including your shipping address with area pincode
  • We will inform you with total amount to be paid.
  • You can make the payment through Bank Transfer only.
  • Inform us about the payment through WhatsApp/email.
  • After Receiving funds in our bank account we will process your order immediately, mean while we will send you payment confirmation.
  • Once we will dispatch your parcel, next day we will send you tracking no of your parcel so, you can track your order as well.

Which payment methods do you accept?

NEFT/ Online payment only

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YES Bank
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Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to assist you.